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  Anyone who grew up with the books or TV series of 'Dr Finlay' will have the idea that all Scottish housekeepers are called Janet....well sometimes that’s true....!


  But to enjoy good Scottish recipes you don’t have to be a housekeeper in some great house, cooking for Lairds and Ladies, Shooting parties, or the discerning, demanding, and pernickety of them all...your own family


  Anyone can enjoy our warming broths and wonderful dishes, everyone with a love of food, cooking and passing on both traditional or new recipes is welcome.


 So with that in mind this site was set up to share some of my recipes and ideas, then one day browsing through Amazon I found not one but two books called 'Scottish Country Recipes', nothing to do with me other than I already had the website name, great minds think alike?


  Below are links to the 'Scottish Country Recipe' books I found, the good news is they're only pennies to buy or for some of my Free Scottish Recipes look over on the left side of the page, I hope you enjoy trying them.


Welcome to Scotland




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